A question about blog posting...

Anyone knows if it's possible to put images through an iPhone on a blog post?
I'm taking off a few days... with a whole bunch of immaculate papers, which I hopefully will fill up during the time away (if the rain stops once in a while).
Until now, I have never been able to post from my iPhone, but perhaps it's just because I don't know the secret? If anyone out there has the answer of how to do it, please let me know!


  1. There's the 'blogger' app from the App Store, which allows you to post from your iPhone, though apparently it's very basic in terms of what you can do and is in no way as good as posting from a computer.... though you can always give it a try! n.n

  2. the real problem with using the iphone or similar for the taking of photos of art / sketch work is the white balance. I use the Photoshop App from the iPhone to get the paper white ... the colours follow into line once the paper is white ... assuming you are using white paper. Hope this helps. Tim. timmooneysketch.com

  3. Hola Helen!!
    Espero disfrutes estos días!!
    En cuanto a tu pregunta ...
    Tienes 3 formas de hacerlo1
    1ª puedes descargar app de Blogger en tu iphone. a mi no me va bien pero tengo Android!! ;)
    2ª en tu blog , vete a configuracion , allí tienes una pestaña que te pone blog para moviles, puedes hacerlo de esta manera y te indica los pasos.
    3ª hay otra forma en el mismo sitio de antes te pondrá: realizar entradas mediante correo electrónico, esta creo es la mejor opción , te dan una direccion de correo donde tu mandas las entradas , texto e imagen y se publica en tu blog.
    Un fuerte abrazo espero que esto te ayude!!!

  4. Thank you Laurent, Tim & Juankar. I think I might find thé solution through your answers. So long!

  5. Saludos Helen. Yo tengo un iPhone y la aplicación de Blogger funciona estupendamente.


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