A week without drawing...

Almost a week has gone without drawing. What conforts me is that I still miss it still every time there is a too long break!
The last session was an intensive one, hard work, but nothing much of new or interesting came up. Only the thought that I should draw really seriously this winter. Draw and paint should be an everyday goal, I red this advise the other day. It's the only way to get it YOUR way. I know it so well already, but lately it has been difficult to make it an action, more than usual.
To know something, like this, and have the feeling to adhere to it, but still don't do it...!! How can that be?
As I have other things I have achieved, I don't feel so frustrated. It feels more like; "Now it's time to start"! Home many times haven't I told myself that? Maybe I should say; "time to continue", it sounds better and feels better. : )


L ROSSI said…
:D It's because 'time' makes fools of us all!
I like that - 'time to continue'....I always think of, 'starting again'.... but you're right, to continue sounds much more positive! n.n