Back to figure drawing!...

Seems unreal to be figure drawing again! 
I escaped from home yesterday after a long summer without almost any figure drawing or much painting or drawing in general, not enough. I was busy with family stuff and keeping my son occupied most of the time. It was good too, I think he didn't have many days without knowing what to do. Summer vacation can feel quite long sometime, and he doesn't have any other family members to go... grandparents or others. But as I said we managed fine this year. 
Even so, now I feel a great satisfaction being able to go back in my drawing mood. (I'm glad I can at least draw with a broken rib! he he) I now have some expectations of evolution, even though I don't want to put too much of useless pressure on myself. I want above all to enjoy what I do and let things come to me, to be open for changes. I had some time to think the last months and as a result I have a few good resolutions on my list for this "rentrée"* concerning my work, which I hope will show later. 
An enjoyable "rentrée" to you all! 

*"La rentrée" - period when children go back to school, and also parents back to work, in France where the "congés payés"** is a rule of the systeme. It's like new year in other countries, many of us have new projects and hopes. 

** As an employee you have the right to take a determined time of vacation while still being payed. 


L ROSSI said…
'O' le deuxième image est tellement beau! J'adore les formes - ce qui se passe avec le bras qui crée un type de carre, et les jambes (qui ont moins détails) qui dirige vers la tête - et en plus les muscles et les os sont bien défini dans le dos avec les ombres et trait...
I hope the rib is feeling a bit better (and Alix too!)
...ah la rentrée.. always good and bad sides too it :'D
Helen Ström said…
Thank you my friend!
Tu es très généreux avec tes mots, avec moi! he he
Nous allons tous les deux mieux, Alix et moi. Même si j'ai moi même mal toujours, surtout la nuit, et je me sens raide partout. Un peu de sport sera bienvenu quand ce sera. La rentrée est comme tout le reste de la vie, "nothing is perfect", n'est-ce-pas.
C'est comme, maintenant j'ai mon espace pour travailler (j'espère) et que je suis en train de dépoussiérer, mais je n'ai plus Chloé qui "m'embête". ;(