Exploring cheap paper reactions...


L ROSSI said…
"Oh My Gosh! Cheap Paper!?!"
(that's MY cheap paper reaction :P)
Du coup, qu'est ce que t'en pense avec le changement?
Sergio DS said…
Me gusta las sombras de los distintos puntos de luz, los reflejos. Siempre aprendo con mis visitas.
Que preciosidad, cuanta delicadeza. Ciao
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Laurent, Sergio and Ina.
A welcome to Ina, I'm happy to have you here!

To answer Laurent's question about what I think of using this kind of ordinary and light weighted drawing paper for watercolor, I think it's very pleasant (!). When I use any of this sort or even some of the thinner and cheaper watercolor papers on the market I find it pleasant when the pigments "float" on the surface before they finally dry. It gives effects and nice surprises, while I can still guide the pigments during the process, quite easily.
It also gives me a feeling of liberty of action; I dare to "just paint" without worrying about a result.
In general when I paint I like the feeling that I have to hurry up, like if time is limited... it makes me concentrate and "go for it" in the simplest way possible. Here the advantage in working fast here is that the paper doesn't support to be manipulated for to long or too much.
Colors, on some of the thin papers, stay brighter in my point of view, which is an advantage as I see it.
The only problem I find really is that it gets "bubbly" too easily... but we can't have it all, can we?
My conclusion is; as I prefer to paint fast and improvise it feels right to work on light weighted papers, some cheap others not so (even if I get I bit "stiff in action" if the paper is too nice and beautiful). : ) I wasn't very sure this small sketch would lead to any reaction from anyone, so thank you for commenting, it helps to continue the research!