Fruit studies...

I'm asked to put up some sphere drawings. As they are completely associated to these fruit sketches and and done for the "sphere and fruit lesson" that I gave to my students, I ad them here, today, much later as 27 of March 2013. 
Funny that I talk about "sunny fruits" below, I remember I felt for sun and ripe fruits back then, in november! A strange year we got to cope with! No warmth yet and only little sun!! It never happened since I'm living in France (86) that a winter was as cold and ugly as this one. Well, I hope it can't last for ages, even if we can get a short spring and a lousy summer. I wish for the best! 
Hope you all get a nice coming season too! 

These feel quite "sunny" in this typically november weather! Good that some fruits are ripe this time a year! Even though they are not always as tasty as the should, at least not in France. The other day I saw some oranges from Australia in my grocery store nearby, isn't THAT absurd?! What happened to the fruit trees in Europe? This global living and warming will hit us when it's too late, and for many it is already. 

Lately I do these kind of basic studies for a few students of mine. I can feel it does me good too! I have to pay attention to; what's happening on the paper, at what moment, with how much water and color, ... to be able to transmit it in words.


Micros said…
Hello Helen

Your watercolors are stunning!

Soft, clear, sensitive, touching. . . they all have their own identities.

It's unusually warm in my part of the world and predictions have this winter as being dry again with no end in sight.

So, we stick to what we know, and that of course is to evolve while creating.

L ROSSI said…
Always amazed how you take something simple and render out something so beautiful *.* I love the areas where object meets the shadow and how the colours interact with one another....
J'ai envie a manger des fruits maintenant! ;P
(J'ai lu dans le journal que autour de 2080 je crois, presque 50% du monde aura des souci en trouvant de l'eau)
Sergio DS said…
Consumir frutas de temporada es siempre la mejor opción, por un lado favorece la economía local e indudablemente el producto es de mayor calidad, más sabroso, en su punto.

De cualquier forma si comprar naranjas de Australia sirve para disfrutar de acuarelas tan magníficas como éstas, benditas sean.
jose antonio said…
Hola, me gusta como consigues poner luz dentro de las sombras, enhorabuena, saludos.
Polly Birchall said…
Love your work and your use of watercolour. This lemon looks good enough to eat (yep I can eat lemon)! Looking forward to following your blog
beautiful studies .