Figure drawing session...

After struggling for a few month with my old pencil, and ending up with a feeling of frustration about the static position I've put myself all that time. Not knowing how to take a step forward, not even being able to concentrate any more. I'm now ready to try some new stuff without any expectations in particular, apart from to force myself to move on.
These are done with graphite used with water. The only problem today was that I had not a very good paper for this and I also found the graphite turning too light when dried. It was difficult to get nice darks. I might search for something else.... indian ink maybe... or why not watercolor?(!) Not a "new" medium, but it could be a new way of using it. Bigger sizes and like these without drawing, my idea is to use more monochrome colors than a usually do. :D


L Rossi said…
Graphite and water? I never tried that :3
J'aime bien la première image surtout autour de la main - les tons marche très bien!