Figure sketching session...

Forced myself to keep going today although quite tired with some kind of flue. Now I'm happy that it's the evening and that I soon can relax on my couch! 
The studio was over crowded, noisy and the energy was weird. My focus came and went in a disturbing way I had a hard time to get things down on the paper. As soon as my concentration leaves my mind the whole process and result feel and looks empty. It's essential to be totally into what we do when we draw, just as most of our occupations.


I know what you're saying about one's mind needing to be able to fully commit to the process at hand... I'm the same way. I think your sketches today are very expressive and do seem to have a pensive feel to them. Especially the one with the colors. They're lovely! I hope you feel better soon!
L Rossi said…
Loving the pencil studies! Especially the front facing pose with raised arms - the volume, proportions and foreshortening me plait beaucoup. Get better soon! n.n
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Katherine, when concentration is there it's it feels normal but when it's gone we notice how important it is.

Laurent, nothing compared to yours!