Studies from workshop with Shane Wolf...

Just freshly out of workshop with amazing artist Shane Wolf. Very instructive and intense hard working three days. I think I learned a few tools to get a better at this, but Mr Shane lives in a whole different sphere that's for sure!
We had the pleasure to work with excellent models Emeline et Rodion. Rodion is a mythical model who has worked with great artists like Giacometti, among others.
None of these samples are finished really if I want to reach some kind of quality, but as I said they contain a few tools I can remember if I keep them in mind.
A nice week-end to you all!


L Rossi said…
Ces dessins sont genial! *.*
I'm a massive fan of that male model (So he's called Rodion is he? :D). We had him twice this year and his poses are so incredible.... and he's such a nice chap too n.n
cardesin said…
Fantásticos dibujos!! !
Sergio DS said…
Un estudios magníficos, muy gestuales, los movimientos están perfectamente captados.
Mis felicitaciones.