Afternoon at the Louvre...

Needed to see some art today. Decided to go to the Louvre, even though I know I won't find the kind of paintings I would like to study (for example M.Borremans' art). My daughter came along and we ended up drawing sculptures. She's getting really good at drawing!
Nice week-end to you all!


Måns Sjöberg said…
You have a wonderful way of indicating shape with color. Very impressing!
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Måns, sometimes I wonder if others see any interest in what I do... I mean for me it's how it comes out, how I see it, it's normal... why would it be interesting at all... :/
So thanks for expressing your impression here!
I really would like to see your exposition! I love nature and wildlife... and watercolor of course, just as any painting. :D