Art is liberty of choices...

I'm often surprised when students ask many times if they have the right to do this or that. Of course they are trying to follow my instructions, but I think this is limiting them too much to explore their own way and that question points it out. So I insist on the importance to work by oneself because that's when we really learn to deal with problems, choices and possibilities. When we solve a question by our own we learn for life, we register better than if some teacher give us the answers. There is nobody who can tell us to draw or paint in this or that way. Me, as an instructor, can only give directions to explore and at the end some is kept, the rest is lost. The work on our own is what should do the biggest part of results, to end up in a personal expression as the sum of all the work.
So during the course follow my advice but after that you are free!
Here above are two Moleskine pages, totally different expressions of the same subject. I decided not to put in the darks in the watercolor version as it satisfied me like that. I have the right to decide to stop. We should enjoy our rights when we can! : )
Which you a happy monday!