May 05, 2011

My Moleskine today… (23)

Faces from this morning at the café while waiting for an appointment, I try to persevere with my "good habits" at the café. Soon I hope to refine my lines with less shadows and I'll try to get interesting compositions. When I draw I try to do it with reflection and determination, to get a better and better result and also to get more and more pleasure and fun out of it. What I mean is that I "think" a lot in between my drawings sessions, I avoid thinking or speculating of "what to do" while drawing.... then I just draw.


Nick said...

I see my intuition was correct: you are a vastly talented artist! I will have to spend much more time here going through your pages, as I see there is a mixture of wonderful drawing and painting. I also see we have more in common that just Juan - many artists on your list are favorites of mine. I hope you are showing your work and receiving the success that you deserve. Please stay in touch and I hope to meet you - perhaps in Paris with Juan...oui!

hfm said...

I like the way you catch people and the way your shadows are so intense!

Helen Ström said...

Thanks for your visit here Nick! An honor to have you here and thanks for compliment. I check you resent work too! See you soon!