Figure drawing sessions... (30)

Todays drawings from figure session. Here are some from 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20-25 minute poses. 
I'm finding out here that if I have longer poses in front of me I should draw bigger, if not I overwork the drawing. I prefer when it has something toward a quite precise result but sketchy and unfinished at the same time. But when we overwork it at least we are still looking and trying to understand what we see while putting down our notes on the paper, so it's useful for the next drawing that is supposed to be more spontaneous, hopefully... 


  1. Väldigt fint tecknat!! Härliga linjer på vackra kroppar..kul att se..själv sitter jag och kladdar med mina feta oljekritor...//Karina

  2. Hey Helen,
    First of all, terrific work here on your blog! I really love your watercolour work - it's a medium I always wanted to get into but haven't made the jump yet!
    And secondly - I always love seeing other people's Life Drawings from a session I attended because it's so interesting to see the poses from other angles :) Love the linework on your quick poses here.
    All the Best,

  3. Gracias Carlos!
    Karina, oljekritor är nog lite klurigt och kletigt. Modigt av dig att försöka!
    Hi Laurent, you have a very interesting blog! It's new for me to see how different your work is. Yes, it's always interesting to see what others do out of the same thing, like the posing model of ours. If you want to try watercolor you should, as soon as you can. I have a few things I'm telling myself I should do, and I agree it's hard to "jump"!!
    See you soon and work well!

  4. I like your drawings, the lines are greatful setting.

    Greating from Berlin


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