Figure watercolor sketches...

I tried to keep to watercolor for todays figure drawing session, which was a pleasant change again. The short poses are a challenge when you use watercolor and you have to try to be spontaneous and accept the result, to just do it and let it be. What's strange too, is the mixture of energy in fast actions and the slower ones, when painting with watercolor and for limited time. I think it forces us to loosen up and to hang on to the essential and to a spontaneous result, instead of trying to do "a nice little watercolor painting".


  1. Uffff!!! Helen , que buenas!!!! la primera es fantástica!!!!

  2. je trouve vos dessins absolument magnifique, merci, c'est beau!

  3. Thank you Helena, Carlos, Juan Carlos and Cécile! Thanks for the encouragement!


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