Engravings... (1)

As I sad here below today, I've started I course to learn engravings. Until now we have only done "monotypes" and this was the result of my first try. I didn't have time to finish this and I'm not sure that you'll see what I wanted to represent. Anyway, with the monotype you can get lovely blacks and whites, and that's what might save this one from a complete failure (for the curious, it's an apple with a few leaves left on it...).


Love this, Helen! I like that it's not 'finished', it gives the image an interesting sense of ambiguity. It makes us look harder to find what it is you want us to see and that, for me, makes the viewing process much more enjoyable. Very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, enjoy the course.
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Caroline! I know I tend to feel like telling too much! Will keep it in my mind from now on. I guess my engravings will help me to accept unexpected surprises more than I'm used to, which is good for me.
Ghislaine BRUNO said…
J'aime beaucoup cette composition en diagonale et cette confrontation des zones franchement noire et blanche dans le haut de la gravure. Dessiné sur verre ou métal ? Imprimé à la presse ou à la main ?
Helen Ström said…
Un rhodoid est encré au rouleau. On "dessine" par suppression du noir avec les outils qu'on veut. C'est très collant et assez incontrôlable. Ensuite c'est imprimé à la presse. La semaine prochaine nous commençons notre première gravure sur métal.
J'ai hâte !

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