Engravings... (2)

This apple is my first engraving on zinc. The result is better and it's easier to do details, but the shadow here is not very "delicate" so I'm glad I learn from every new try, for now.

These two prints never got better than this, as I overworked the top one and I prefered to leave them both to continue with a new attempt. A tried to engrave a zinc plate this last time, which turned out to be much easier for me than those made of tin. 
I'll show the result next week as a leave the print to dry.
Well, well, this is not easy!
Each step of doing engravings is very delicate and quind of unpredictable for now. I imagined the most complicated and difficult would be to engrave. But not, I was wrong! The application of the ink and the "wiping off" the ink is just as subtle to do. So when printing I'm never very sure of the result. I'm supposed to be able to reproduce the same print several times and I'm terribly far from that. I don't even get a print that looks better and better! A new surprise each time! Or deception more like...
But I won't give up! I wish to get the result I want at the end, no matter the time it will take to get there!!
So, more to come next week...


suzanne cabrera said…
Haha...I know the feeling! I took a printmaking class as an undergraduate (which I LOVED) but came away with a huge respect for those who can master these processes. I'm liking the track you're on though. And the variety...isn't it true that no two shells are the same?
Helen Ström said…
That's true that each shell is unique. But is that "excuse" good enough?
What I'm thinking more is, IF I want to produce several identical prints I can ask a professional to do it. But then the remaining problem is that it's diffucult to se what I have on the plate as the print "tells me lies"... so I should have that professional printer by my side already. he, he.