Figure drawing sessions... (6)

I hope I'll manage to go to both of my figure drawing sessions this week. These are the sketches I did this morning. (It was 5-15 minutes sittings.)


Ed Cooper said…
Great Drawing Helen, I love your selection and cropping of the figure. Also the simplified tones!

Missed life drawing myself today, due to the snow!
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Ed!
I try to go to "stage two"! Where I try to tell myself to make choises while drawing, not just copying the whole figure. I've chosen nicer papers and a sketchbook since a few sessions instead for drawing on thin and floppy loose sheets of paper. It makes a difference in my mind at least. At the end I will have a few dated sketchbooks filled, which is handier and maybe more useful to go back to look at if I want. Somehow when we decide anything new it's inspiring, don't you think?
Sorry about the snow blocking you in! Paris is white too, but as I don't use the car it's ok for me. : )