My Moleskine in Portugal… (16)

During a my short stay in Algarve, Portugal, this week end I managed to these few drawings. The beach was amazing and endless, empty of people, and the surrounding landscape was like a colorful painting. It seems like I got obsessed with this beach cabana hear, but I just love wooden beach houses! I regret a little I didn't bring my watercolors, but it would have been complicated to paint anyway, as it requires a bit more involvment than just sketches.
It was lovely to feel spring again, to get some sunshine, to breath the air from the sea, to feel the sand under my feet, to visit the nearby villages, to eat the sweetest clementines ever tasted... 
Even if it was too short it was  lovely and warming for my soul.  


belle ambiance dans ces ptits croquis printaniers. In voit que l'endroit t'a inspiré!
Helen Ström said…
C'était beau et il faisait beau aussi!! Pas compliqué d'être inspirée finalement. ; )
Wow, Helen! Just beautiful!
hfm said…
Love to see my country through your eyes and hand! Great drawings!
Jérôme said…
C'est un travail au crayon ?
si oui Comment le fixe tu ?
Si non au feutre ?
en tous cas l'atmosphère est bien là !
Helen Ström said…
Thank you everyone, very kind to take the time to express what you think about my drawings.
I don't know really in what language to answer. I think Djé préfers french...
Djé : J'utilise des porte-mines Pentel (entre 0,3 et 0,7 mines entre H et 2B) Ici surtout 2B (en taille 0,7) uniquement en variant l'appui pour les valeurs. J'essaye de ne pas salir le papier en dessinant et la prochaine fois j'emmènerai un fixateur en voyage, pour que les pages ne se salissent pas au frottements. (J'achèterai celui que j'avait trouvé chez Sennelier qui pollue moins que les autres)
A bientôt !
cardesin said…
Muy buenos dibujos!! los trazos y los espacios que reflejan luz!!!
Muchas gracias por la referencia a los materiales!
Un placer contemplarlos!
Hasta pronto!!!
SKIZO said…
good creations you have been around...I see :)