Watercolor figure sketches (7)...

After getting mad at myself today during figure drawing session, I decided to radically change colors as I'm rarely satisfied with the final result. I also need to avoid this red and orange skin I keep doing, which always turns out or too red or too orange. 
For the last hour of short poses I did the three top ones, here below, and finally I'm surprised and quite happy with the result comparing with before, it seems more "dramatic" and natural at the same time. The "soft and too sweet" impression of the bottom one is gone. For a while I'll try to keep to my new and different mixes to see what comes out of it... 


Helen, otra vez, genial la reflexión y buenísimos los resultados... me encantan!

M. Antònia said…
Changes are good to improve our way of painting or doing something. I like all of your ways to paint. The artist is inside you.
Bluebell Woods said…
So do you do the "sketch" without any outline whatever, you just sketch with the paint?
I am going to follow your blog, so much to see
Celle tout en haut me rappelle une chanson :
"The lady with the skin so white,
like something out of Blake or Burne-Jones"
Fantomatique, impressionnant !
Helen Ström said…
"Merci" Eduardo, Maria Antonia & Janice.

Janice, I do a quick sketch with pencil most of the times. Thank you for visiting!
joshemari said…
Claro que tienes que sentirte feliz, Helen!!! Porque te han quedado geniales. Pintados de forma muy sencilla y sin grandes retoques. Directos.
Se nota que sabes dibujar.
Un abrazo.
Kristian said…
The top image is absolutely fantastic. You have achieved something i'm desperate to get.