Watercolor figure sketches (8)...

Not an easy session today (again), but who said it's easy to paint nude human beings?
As long as I know what is making it difficult it should lead to progress. This time the poses where mostly static and classical. The model locked like one of Michel Angelo's subjects, so nothing to complain about, but personally I've reach a point where I need a real "action" from the model. Any expression, state or posture expressing something particular would inspire me, and if possibly adding some beautiful light it would be marvelous.
A part from that, I'm quite satisfied with the colors and fusion of the pigments on the top one. Something to explore further. I like when a drawing makes me think and makes me want to go for the next drawing, next session and next day. That's what's it's all about isn't it?


Jose Sánchez said…
Expresividad y dulzura al acariciar el papel, enhorabuena.
Me llama la atención la capacidad de síntesis y la limpieza del color. Los dibujos son una delicia. He disfrutado mucho viendo tu blog.
Un saludo.
cardesin said…
Fantásticos ! , y como bien dices en tu texto, yo también creo que de eso se trata!
Un abrazo!!