Something stupid with my blog happened this morning. I changed the basic design choice of the the blog by error. When I wanted to switch back I had lost my personal layout like colors of titles, backgrounds... Now it seems impossible to register any new modifications. Which means I can not put any personal modifications onto the layout!
It seems that I'm not the only one who encounters this huge bug with Blogger, and solutions seem very complicated if you are not a professional, if there are any at all. I hope the "staff" will start reacting and find a solution as it has apparently going on a while for many other bloggers. (There is a staff somewhere, isn't there?!). What do you do when you encounter a problem with an enterprise like Google, who do call or write?
Just know that this blog is out of control, and that I'm not the one manipulating it! : (
On top of it, I thought I had saved the the layout by coping it, but that have not have been done  as I thought (another grrr!). Hope I learn of my mistakes!
Now I feel like creating a new blog, but how can I transfer all the content onto a new blog?? Anyone knows??


Dave Casey said…
You can transfer your blog if you want. The ease of which will depend on where you want to transfer it to. But, if you go to your dashboard here on Blogger, you will find the option to Export your blog. It will save your blog into an XML file. The tricky part is, does your new blog host have an Import function on their website? I know WordPress does. However, and this is a big however, just because you can Import your blog file doesn't mean it will be all roses when it's finished. You will spend hours fine tuning it because there will be some missing pictures, the margins won't be right in all the posts, etc. I tried it once with WordPress and just didn't care for the results, so I went back to Blogger.

Sorry to hear you've had troubles with Blogger, but it looks like you have the blog back to where it was.
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Dave, for trying to help. I don't want to change from blogger to another "blog host", unless really needed. I will wait a little longer to see what happens or if some idea pops out from nowhere.
For now i'll have to do do with these colors I guess, I find it very cold though!
M. Antònia said…
Modernity mistakes ,too. Sometimes it's a mess. But you can go ahead showing your great works. You won¡
cardesin said…
Ya has podido poner tu blog bien?
En blogger tienes la posibilidad de copiar todo el cógigo y guardarlo en tu ordenador.