"still life I", watercolor... and discovery!

"still life I"

1st of february 2013,

A watercolor I did yesterday...
I read somewhere, words of a girl who draws... She (we) when finished a drawing; "she needs to get sober", which can take some time, or less time. That's when you take a distance and say to yourself, well this is not as it should, instead of being happy with what you do. Then we also say; "I've made some progress, I see it now!". She also says that, if it happens shortly after, it makes her mad.
For this one I got sober overnight!! But instead of feeling mad for this, I feel very happy!!
I see a potential I should work on. Something that has been growing in my mind since a while, is coming out. (I guess this might be my own impression, maybe difficult to detect by others)
Now I'll have to stay focused and persevere (!!). This might be "one stone", the first, of something.
I want to get the essence of "things" and manage to express it in the simplest of ways... Without useless "artifices" or "fancy effects".

Finally I got something to work on!
It has been a while, since I didn't feel this kind of motivation. I just hope I can hang on to it!


erieri said…
C'est une belle aquarelle qui me sens l'air douceur.
Polly Birchall said…
This is a lovely watercolour. The wet in wet is magic!
Anna-Malin said…
jag vill säga ett innerligt tack
för din fina, ärliga kommentar
hos mig.
den gjorde mig glad och varm
ända in i hjärtat.


Annie said…
Oh my good...! Så duktig du är!
Helen Ström said…
I hope what I feel inside will continue growing. I always end up unsatisfied, and what I do gives me the impression of "not finished", (in a bad way)... As in general I like what looks uncompleted, there must be something else I got to work towards. I guess I'm just not at my destination, ... "where that can be!?"...
Anyway, thank you all for your words and visit!