My Wishes to You!

It doesn't look like I'll be able to do any illustration for this message today either, so I prefer to let you know that I wish YOU; my friend, reader, follower and/or visitor :
A wonderful year 2013!!

If you have made any decisions to change anything in you existence compared to last year, go for it! : )

I suddenly started to believe we can influence our life and environment more than I've never could have imagined before. Maybe this is faith? Faith in ourselves and our existence, or maybe something more powerful than that?  No matter what it is I'm experiencing, it feels quite extraordinary and useful, he he. With this in mind I hope it will lead me through 2013 in the most harmonious of ways.
My new year resolution is not to wait for things to happen and not "hope or wish" for a better year. Last year was already a better year than the ones before. I have already made some improvements in my life. I shouldn't forget that, it's precious for the courage to continue.
I can pray for health to everybody and after that, I'll "only" try to be creative in every act. Wake up in the morning feeling like the creator of a new day, one step and one day at a time. I'll try to be generous with myself, without shame now, to let others enjoy a "happy me". They might experience this "me" as a more generous person with them too, in all ways.
In the end of the year 2013 I hopefully will be able to feel and see the difference; in my everyday life and in my work. But above all, I hope everybody will notice and enjoy that difference, what's the point otherwise?

Thank you all for your presence and encouragements for the last two and a half years, it's a big support!


Tim Mooney said…
What beautiful words Helen. No illustration needed!
Tim Mooney
Helen Ström said…
oh! Thank you Tim!
Goes straight to my heart, as I consider myself as a lousy "writer"!
But I'll work on it in 2013! :)
Marisa O. said…
Yes, beautiful words, but by your drawings you tell so much about your human qualities. !
Happy new year.
Nes said…
Parece un antes y un después de algo. Y ese después tiene muy buena imágen. Adelante, queremos disfrutar, un abrazo, feliz año