Engravings... (5)

It has been a while since last time I mentioned my attempts with engravings. I work on it, I work on it... It doesn't advance in high speed I confirm that it turns out to be quite a slow technic. 
I did the two small here above yesterday and I'm supposed to continue the middle one, it needs more definition and contrast in some parts. 
The bigger one is not finished yet and I've worked on it like for too long!! I started with etching technique (with varnish and acid on the plate) but that's just so complicated and i feel for now that I don't have the energy to take all the technic and theory that goes with it, plus a new way of thinking while creating the image. So I decided not to worry about it and just continue to engrave, with dry point, as that's what I wanted to do from the beginning. Engraving with dry point is like drawing for me and a logical way to continue working in the same mood as I do when I draw. 
But we should never say "never again" and there are etchings that I find nice and interesting, so when I feel ready I might try it again.


Ghislaine BRUNO said…
Tu obtiens des résultats fascinants, félicitations ! Quelle délicatesse dans les valeurs et dans le trait ! C'est vrai que cette technique te convient parfaitement, on y retrouve bien ton coup de crayon.
Hola Helen: nunca he utilizado la técnica del grabado aunque me llama muchísimo la tención. Tienes un enorme dominio del dibujo y ello se plasma tanto en tus grafitos como en tus acuarelas y, ahora, en tus grabados. Son preciosos.
Un abrazo.
Helen Ström said…
Merci Ghislaine et Kubi, vos mots me réchauffent le cœur !! Dans les moments de recherches et questionnements ils aident à garder le courage et le cap !
cardesin said…
Muy buenos trabajos Helen!!