Engraving of a pine cone... (6)

A week or two later, one plate finished...

As my engravings are slow to finish I always feel tempted to start a new one,... this is the last one. Now I have another one to finish!! I want to try to get some whites back in it and that's a long procedure!
Today I polished one plate after correction and it took like over an hour and I'm was told it might take another three hours to get a neat copper surface again. Rembrandt must have been a patient person, but did he do the long corrections himself? I wonder. He might have had people preparing his work for him. : )


Anonymous said…
hi - try scrapeing instead of polishing and burnishing - and if it's small and detailed use dental tools

I'm sure Rembrandt didn't do all the corrections himself - but I'm also sure that his most beautiful work he did do entirely himself - OK, maybe not getting the plate prepared - but everything else - yes.

I really like your work and looking in on your blog - seeing what you're up to

One day I'll get my act together and start my own - but I'm still too disorganised to do that
Helen Ström said…
Thanks Andy for your comment!
I was disorganised too in some way, but once you start blogging it's like your work gets more and more organised and it can give you the feeling to make things go in a forward evolution. I just started one day, without any pretention or organisation, just posting regular work. So, don't wait too long! (also as I'm curious to see your work too!)
Thanks for advices! : )