Figure drawing sessions... (25)

Todays work in figure drawing turned out inspiring and it helped me to try to get in confidence again, as I've felt a little lost in with drawing lately and without being able to keep concentrated and inspired. Here the model was nice and professional and the light conditions good which makes the whole thing much easier, and I really like to draw when the model is dressed too. 
I thank Tom, who make this possible, for accepting me in his drawings sessions!
The poses here were 20 and 10 minutes. 
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the images, the drawings are too big to fit in my A4 scan and the result isn't so good then. 


cardesin said…
muy buenos dibujos, el segundo la mujer tumbada en ese escorzo tan dificil es precioso, es muy complicada la pose , y la perspectiva se complica, lo has resuelto genial, enhorabuena !!!! :)