I guess I can publish this one now; here comes Bosse...

Here we have a watercolor sketch I made lately of my still friend and before that also teacher Bosse (and today musician!) during most of school years when I was "little". That period of our lives was spent in the south of Spain in the seventies and the eighties (at least for me) The watercolor is made out of a fotograf, as Bosse is living in Sweden now. The painting doesn't live up to that picture, which was really nice, but I hope it will do and that Bosse is as pleased as he sounded.

Thank's to facebook (a bit cliché by now... but still; THANK'S to facebook!) I found Bosse and many  of my childhood friends some time ago. It feels precious for me to know where they are, and to be able to write or get news any time, and even visit some. Most of us didn't manage to keep in contact back then, and we all (almost everyone) moved and spread out in different's parts of the world after high school or before that. It makes me feel that the ones who shared those years with me, are like a big family with a "different kind of life" in common, and it's great to have them back since a few years.
As I said it's precious for me! (I'm a little nostalgic tonight!)


Anonymous said…
Really beautiful, Helen! Also love your previous post, the shadows and lights of the onion are perfectly done!!