Will my "grains'" grow... ?

This is how you keep both feet on earth looking straight forward with hope, taking these modest swatches as my "grains", for coming working methods in the future. With no pretentiousness, only hope and determination...
I'm just freshly back from workshop, with a well known watercolor painter, (who paints and teaches her "wet on wet" technic), and who's name I prefer not to divulge here in respect to her.
I learned and understood a huge lot, of this extremely difficult and delicate watercolor technique. I think I got what I came for, the answers to my questions and much more about how to prepare a painting and new working methods. Of course she treated and explained things such as preparing the paper and making the washes with the right quantity of pigments/water. How to paint a subject without drawing on beforehand, during a precise period of time making precise gestures at exact timing.
Sadly the weather was rainy (as usual this year in France) wich made it hard to work and impossible to work outdoors. Time flew. I thought I would paint more myself during the stay, but I now know that couldn't be possible as the afternoons were too short and the mornings where planned for demonstrations and explanations. Very instructive moments.
It feels right now as watercolor represent less mysteries to me. But a lot of practice will be needed if I want to get close to a nice result, if I ever get so far.
The whole week I laughed a lot and made new friends, who I hope I'll have the chance to see again.
As a conclusion I can only say; although my "grains" are very tiny I'm filled with hope and joy...


Sadami said…
Dear Helen,
I really, really love this post and paintings ... Certainly your grains're grwoing.
Best wishes, Sadami
Polly Birchall said…
These little paintings look so promising. You have learnt well.
L ROSSI said…
Yay! Ces images sont très délicieux!
Content que t'as passé un bon moment et t'as appris pleins trucs - j'ai hâte de voire la suite car je pensais que t'étais déjà forte en aquarelle! :P
Ghislaine BRUNO said…
Helen, j'adore la première vignette ! Heureuse que tu aies pu participer à un tel stage, et surtout que tu en aies tiré tant de choses positives.
Helen Ström said…
Thank you Sadami for wishes! Maybe the'll bless my work! Until then I'll try to do my best. :)

Polly, I don't know yet how much or if I learn anything I'll be able to explore. Only if I work hard it can show or maybe not. But I better give it chance before I forget everything.

Laurent!! Glad to see you again! Hope you are doing fine and working with those little yellow guys now! Soon, Alix and myself, on our way to see Moi moche et méchant!

Ghislaine, vraiment petit quand on voit ce que l'artiste même arrive à faire avec une maîtrise incroyable. Mains bon, soyons indulgents avec nous mêmes! :D

Merci à tous pour vos gentils mots!
A bientôt!
...your grains will flourish helen ...you are lucky to have attended such a special workshop....beautiful wet in wet work