Drawings from Bretagne...

Back from vacation and finished with organizing myself again here at home, I can now post a few drawings from my stay in "Bretagne". We stayed in an old village called Le Minihic by the river Rance, near Saint Malo, Dinart and Saint Lunaire. All the houses where old and made in stone just by the river, where I could take an ice cold swim, every morning or night when the tide was high. A beautiful and peaceful region, which I feel I have adopted for many more vacations in the future. Every time I go to Bretagne, it feels right for me. It might be small things in the atmosphere and other sensations that reminds me of the summers of my childhood in Sweden. What is also perfect is that Bretagne is only four hours away!

A house by the sea in Dinart.

Cliffs and trees by the sea, many small boats are attached with ropes into the cliff. 
People use the small boats to get to their bigger boats. 

A view from Dinart where you can see Saint Malo and Saint Servan on the other side of the waters. 

Another house by the sea, in Saint Lunaire this time (there are many beautiful family houses in the region even though I prefer the old and simple stone houses if I had to choose. And two quick sketches from the Mont Saint Michel, before returning to Paris on our way back home, as usual we run out of time. Next time I'll spend a day drawing there. Plenty to draw!! These two were just to get rid of the frustration of not being able to stay for hours.  


Tes croquis sont vraiment plein de délicatesse Helen. J'adore !
Preciosas impresiones!
L ROSSI said…
Happy times ;)
The tonal work here is fantastic. But I've come to expect nothing less from you!
Thank You for posting these... and for everything else!!
Helen Ström said…
Thank you!! Three masters here to cheer me!! I feel flattered!
Thank you Laurent, it was a great pleasure to have you with us! Sorry for the bad weather though! Hope to draw together soon again! Alix got sad when you left, he cried!! He must have enjoyed your company too!
cardesin said…
Todo un diario de viaje
Preciosos dibujos!! , me encanta el del árbol retorcido al lado del mar
Un fuerte abrazo!!!
Helen Ström said…
Gracias, Juan Carlos, eres bueno con migo!
nómada said…
Hola, Helen! ya tenía ganas de pasar por aquí para ver tus dibujos bretones. Estupendos, todos. El Mont Saint-Michel es realmente para dibujarlo. Yo estuve allí hace 3 años, pero no pude hacerle ninguno, sí fotos.
Un abrazo.
Kristian said…
I simply love the view from Dinart. It captures the setting in a wonderfully articulate way,
Valéry Lorenzo said…
J'aime cette série de paysage, comme s'ils étaient arrachés à la page, j'aime ces espaces vides.