Tom's "sketchcrawl"...

This saturday my new friend and artist, Tom, organized a "sketchcrawl" in his home village, Noisiel, 30 km east of Paris. We were about ten people and on the program was discovery of the surroundings of Noisiel while walking in the forest, stopping sketching, walking again, picnic, more walking along the river "la Marne" (the moment I had to go back to Paris) and more sketching. Those who stayed for the evening were supposed to go to an open air cinema later. 
We had a very nice time together and the weather was the most perfect, we didn't draw much but getting together was lovely. Time flew and I think we should do more of these "rendez-vous"!


C’est toujours un plaisir que de feuilleter vos publications.
José Ato said…
Hola Helen, yo también pinto árboles.