My Cactus, watercolor of the day...

Here comes a watercolor sketch of my cactus I painted some time ago. There is nothing much about it but I kind of like the light and the contrasting shadows I got there... I could ad some needles that are missing but I prefer not to go back working on it, I don't think it would ad any interest in it. Well it is what it is; just a watercolor sketch.


Susan Roux said…
I love this sketch! I don't think adding needles would improve it. I'd leave it alone...

I don't know why but I don't see your images on my dashboard. There are a few others that this happens to. I would come by more often if I saw your images. It's a shame. Do you think it has to do with a setting in your "settings"? If so, perhaps you could fix it so we see what you've posted.
Helen Ström said…
Hi Susan!! Thank you for stopping by and even commenting this cactus, : ). I don't know why it happens not to show the image of my last post, on the dashboards sometimes. I've noticed it too, and even with others posts. I'll try to find out why.
Nice summer to you!
cardesin said…
Todo lo que se ha dibujado y pintado ahí está , a veces espera tiempo y resurge de nuevo con fuerza y tal vez otra visión!.
El trabajo constante es lo importante!!
Muchos saludos !! buen fin de semana!
J'aime beaucoup les matières de celui-ci, le pot lisse et luisant, le cactus charnu et... piquant, forcément. Et puis, des croquis à l'aquarelle comme ça, j'en ferai bien mon ordinaire !
Un esbozo maravilloso.
Un abrazo
Sadami said…
Hi, Helen!
Very lovely work. Eye peasant and colours are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Sadami
Helen Ström said…
Gracias Juan Carlos, tus palabras sabias siempre me vienen bien!

Jean-Baptiste, ton travail est magnifique, expressif et très créatif, je ne vois pas que tu pourrais envier aux miens !!! Merci tout de même! : )

Gracias, Susanna tu tambien eres maravillosa! je je.

Sadami, I like your portraits and lively watercolors. Now that I follow you I can visit you more easily. Thank you for cheering me up. See you soon!
sufi said…
Allthings are Lovely work.